$Making biscuits$

Donations to this campaign effort are so important. I cannot thank you enough for supporting VOTE FARR in 2022.


In this area, we have a lot going on around us. Road construction, new businesses, housing growth and so much more...

How can we make sure this is done at the right time, using our resources effectively and caring for each other? 

When we celebrate, camp, visit, watch sporting events, help people through hard times...we eat. The Farr's are big on making meals and sharing them. I am proud to be known for making southern biscuits and cornbread and I have a few other favorite things I can put together in the kitchen and I love to sit around the table and talk before, during and after a good meal.

Pictured here, I am camping in Elkmont and I don't share it because it's a great photo of me, I share it because I am proud of my dutch oven baked biscuits that I had to get up extra early to make for our group of 30 hungry people.

Like leadership, cooking (especially in the woods), takes planning and a lot of hard work. If the coals are hot before the dough is ready, you will end up burning more fuel than you need. If the biscuits are not done, when the gravy is, then you will have some pretty frustrated breakfast eaters. 

We all need to bring our ideas to the table and plan our work with all the ingredients in mind.

Yard signs and stickers coming soon. Please email us at votetraceyfarr@gmail.com if you would like some campaign materials.

Campaign Treasurer, Brad Farr